I’m trying to get fit but I keep getting injured

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We have a partnership at the Bath Practice with Anytime Fitness Bath, and one of the most common things we see from patients that are trying to get/ stay in shape is that the same niggles tend to hinder progress. There will usually be more than one contributing factor to a persistent, unresolving injury; exercise technique, tissue damage/ scar tissue or even postural issues may be influencing the failure of the injury to recover.

These niggles can have a potentially significant effect on not just your physical, but also your mental health. A lot of the time the solution to these problems can be painfully (sorry!) simple, almost all bodies are very resilient and have far more indicators for good health than poor. It may be the case that your osteopath or massage therapist doesn’t need to see you for too long before your niggle is on the mend. Remember that the longer your injury is present, the more likely it is to become chronic meaning that it will likely take longer to heal, so get in touch.

Published in
3 February 2022
Last Updated
2 March 2022