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Structural Integration or Rolfing is a deep tissue postural alignment therapy, releasing fascial restrictions around the body, increasing joint congruence and helping muscles to rebalance in their opposing actions across joints. This enables bodily segments to align correctly in the field of gravity, enhancing ease of movement and balance, improving sporting performance, reducing stiffness, resolving pain, swellings and many neural issues.

Structural integration takes place through a number of sessions which systematically address different parts of the body, and progressively build on one another, working the body from the superficial to deeper postural/ core structures; working the feet, knees and hips to provide a good base for the spine, and working to get the spine and head back on axis. Sessions can be booked individually, or as a 3 series for a mini body balance, or as a 10 series.

Individual sessions – for specific areas of pain or muscular dysfunction.
Three Series – providing a mini body balance.
Ten Series – recommended for those where injury, age, repetitive stress from your job has pulled you out of postural alignment, and you want to treat yourself to a midlife MOT.

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