I Have Sciatica, What Can I Do?

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Sciatica is pain referred from the back, to the back of the thigh and can be caused by many problems; it is unhelpful to consider it a diagnosis. What is more helpful is to find the cause of the sciatica. An osteopath is able to carry out a detailed case history and test the relevant structures to discuss likely causes with you. The cause could be something that is relatively simple, like muscular tension, or potentially serious like a disc injury (most common early/mid 20s – early 40s).

Either way, referred pain (pain felt somewhere other than the origin of symptoms) should not be ignored especially in the presence of weakness and/or numbness in the affected leg. If you are concerned about neurological symptoms you can call or email us to discuss it before deciding if you think treatment is right for you.

Published in
3 February 2022
Last Updated
10 March 2022