We are now open for booked appointments                   Please use the usual clinic number for an appointment with:

Alison Temple-Smith (osteopathy).       01225 427835  alison@thebathpractice.co.uk

Thomasina Craster (network chiropractic)  01225 427835


Please contact the following practitioners directly for an appointment with them at The Bath Practice:

Steve Coles (psychotherapy, CBT) 07971 816751 info@stevencolescbt.co.uk

Melanie Cook (clinical hypnotherapy)  07746 438276.  melaniecookhypnotherapy@gmail.com

Madeleine Zagni (massage) 07786 066434.  info@mztherapy.com

Sophie Gover (Massage).  07843 643112   info@therecoverystudio.co.uk

Jan Erik Posth (massage) 07535 705956   www.hillsidemassage.com

Amy Gately (The Cosmetic Studio)   https://thecosmeticstudiobath.setmore.com/

Andy Watson (Pilates)   07967134586   aimspilates@icloud.com

Tamsin Arnold (Neurofeedback)   07762 726313   tamsin.roche@gmail.com

Amanda Gwynne (Bioresonance Therapy) 07818 415516  amandagw@gmail.com

Cristy Dean (Registered Dietician).  07813 825436  cristy@fettleandbloomnutrition.com

Alexis Prior (Nutritional Therapy)   07909 732017   alexis@alexispriornutrition.com

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Registered Dietitian
Registered Dietitian