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Joe is an extraordinarily gifted osteopath who I cannot speak highly enough of. Right from the beginning when I was seeking help regarding an [interarticular TMJ disc] injury and reduced neck mobility that I’d had for 6 months, I got in contact with a range of osteopathy clinics and Joe’s approach immediately stood out to me. Joe… empowered me to make me feel as though we were working as part of a team.

Joe has been immensely successful in reducing my pain in the neck and jaw, I cannot thank him enough! By using a variety of techniques and a targeted exercise plan, Joe has also improved the mobility of my back muscles, hip flexors and hamstrings leading to a much happier pain free body.

After seeing a physiotherapist and seeing little to no difference I am exceptionally happy with the amazing results Joe has achieved in comparison. So whether you’re suffering from shoulder, neck or back pain or are are just looking to seek help to prevent the development of future muscular conditions, I could not recommend visiting Joe enough 🙂