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“Around 40 years ago I had a serious back injury. At the time I was 33 and recovered quite quickly. For years my back caused no problems, but from my 50s onwards I began to have problems. I went to Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and latterly a Chiropractor. All were able to help and the effectiveness of the treatment usually lasted for some weeks. However, with increasing age (I am now 75) the problems became worse and the treatments less effective until three years ago I could barely walk 100 yards.

That was when I began to have treatment from Madeleine. I had the ten Rolfing treatments and since then have had more. My back problem can never be completely resolved and I will still need to have occasional treatment from Madeleine, but I feel years younger and fitter. I now do a daily 2 mile walk (including a steep up hill part). I go to weekly Vinyasa Krama Yoga classes, weekly pilates and do 30 minutes of daily Yoga exercises.”